Time Master Pro with H2 Sculplla Collagen Gel


The Time Master Pro by Sculplla is a lightweight device that uses professional-grade low-frequency ultrasound with LED to activate skin metabolism and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells.

The skin feels tighter as you use the device for immediate and lasting anti-aging improvements. Oxygen to the cells increases and waste is removed from the pores throughout your treatment.



  • Ultrasound vibrations at 90,000 waves per second with only a slight warming of the skin.
  • The device measures the same frequency as a professional-grade laser device, but the energy is low and does not damage the skin like the heat from a laser treatment.
  • Ultrasound waves cause a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, which removes wastes, strengthens, lifts, and plumps the skin.
  • The rapid oscillation of tissue action of ultrasound will induct collagen.
  • The skin tightening and the plumping effect occur as you are using the device.

LED Specifications: Blue is 470nm, Green is 520nm, Red is 650nm, Infrared is 940nm. Blue wavelength penetrates to 1mm, Green penetrates to 2mm, Red wavelength penetrates to 3mm, Infrared wavelength penetrates 5-10mm


Step One:

Charge machine for 30 to 60 minutes before use. The device has an automatic timer and will shut off after 10 minutes. Do not use longer than 10 minutes for the entire treatment.

Step Two:

Using the power button, choose the intensity level. Beginners, ALWAYS start with the lowest intensity. This device vibrates electrically and feels very active on the skin.

  • Sensitive skin & beginners
  • Normal skin
  • Normal to slightly thick skin
  • Thick skin, rugged skin or body

Step Three:

Using the LED light select button, choose the LED mode.

  • Blue LED: Acne, kills bacteria and balances oil production
  • Green LED: Hyper-pigmentation, skin brightening
  • Red LED: Increases blood circulation, increases collagen formation, promotes healthy aging
  • Multi LED: Wrinkle smoothing, tightening and firming as well as all above
  • Multi-Flashing LED: All the above. This is the highest frequency.

Step Four:

Apply conductive gel (NeoGenesis Glide Gel) to one treatment area at a time. Move the device in slow continuous circular movements.

DO NOT USE WITHOUT?CONDUCTING?GEL. Using an ultrasound therapy device without slippery conductive gel will damage your device. As the skin starts to become dry, spritz the skin with the Scupllla Mist or Le Mieux Iso Cell Recovery Solution to re-wet the conductive gel.

Step Five:

Wipe round head of device with a clean dry cloth.

Treatment may be repeated every 3 days for the first few weeks and then twice per week after that. Do not use it more than that!

Contraindications of Ultrasound Therapy & LED:

  • For external use only and not to exceed the recommended maximum of 10 minutes
  • Do not use on broken skin or skin with inflammation, weeping or soreness or on a severe sunburn
  • Should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing
  • Do not use over metal pins and plates
  • Consult a physician before using with pathological skin conditions, a heart beat regulating medication / heart complaints, have a pacemakers or other battery operated and electrical implant, or if you have a neurological disorders including epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, cancer, autoimmune condition, diagnosed heart condition.
  • Not for use on or by children between 12 and 17 years old without parental supervision and not recommended for children under the age of 12.


Do not use the Time Master Pro with any other electronic medical devices(s), such as: Pacemakers and other implanted type electronic devices, pump-oxygenators and other electronic medical equipment designed for sustentation, electrocardiographs and other electronic medical devices to be worn by the patient or an implant or an intrauterine contraceptive device.


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