Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Having too much fun in the sun or making repetitive facial expressions and create expression lines on our face, neck, and especially around the eyes. Also, lifestyle has a significant aspect, with diet, sleep, nutrition, and mental well-being playing an essential role in the way we age. Remember its 30 percent genetics and 70 percent lifestyle choice.

Whether it’s frown lines or Glabellar lines, the products I have put together will do magic in improving the existing condition prevent it from getting worse. With continuous reinforcement AM and PM, you will see cumulative results.

*** Skin Secret ***

Incorporate Osmosis Recovery Oil & Collagen Activator to jump-start the results and is a great addition for overall health.

For best results, a cocktail with a series of Micro Channeling treatments. I recommend a series of 6 treatments. It completely transforms the skin.