Lack of Firmness

As we age, the elasticity in our skin will start to slacken and get tired. Which in turn creates heaviness mid to lower region in our facial structure. At a certain point, we need to incorporate specific products into our regime to make sure our facial contours look renewed and resilient. The loss in laxity is a primary concern for so many clients I have seen over the years. The products that I have picked will work for so many problems, significantly firming and lifting, that you will be amazed.

*** Skin Secret ***

80% to 90% percent of facial wrinkles appear due to loss of volume and firmness in the skin. Incorporate Osmosis Recovery oil for internal health and restore your fat pads under the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and bust to a more youthful state.

For best results, I would recommend a series of microcurrent and ultrasound treatments to lift the elasticity and firmness back to a more youthful state.