Sun Damage

Vogue magazine summer issue June 1995. The article I was reading was educating its readers on the importance of sunscreens. I was only 12 going on 13 at the time; however, those who know me know that I was obsessed with pretty skin from a very young age. What caught my eye was the line that stated we get 80 to 90 percent aging from the sun. Afterward, I remember researching the best sunscreens on the market by going to all the department stores.

Skin damages caused by UVA rays are drooping, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, thinner, more translucent skin, broken capillaries, liver, or age spots. Long-term exposure can make the skin dry, rough, leathery skin, and skin cancers.

The products in this category have some of the best treatments to reverse sun damage and protect you from the sun.

*** Skin Secret ***

One of the best ways to combat sun damage is wearing sunscreen every day with Zinc Oxide. If you are in an area with high sun then apply two coats of sunscreen at the start of the day, and incorporate an SPF cushion compact for touch-ups every two hours.