Oily Skin

Notice that your skin emits a little extra shine? The fact is, everyone has oil in their skin. Under each of your pores is a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum. This helps keep your skin hydrated and healthy. In some people, though, the sebaceous glands can have too much oil. This creates oily skin. You know you have oily skin if your skin constantly looks shiny, and you go through several blotting sheets a day. Oily skin can even feel greasy within hours of cleansing.

Breakouts are also more likely because the sebum mixes with dead skin cells and gets stuck in your pores. The causes of oily skin include genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While you can’t necessarily get rid of oily skin, you can take steps to make your skin less oily.

*** Skin Secret ***

Often, clients want a cleanser that will completely strip the skin of all sebum, which creates more disruption than benefit. Always use a PH balancing cleanser that will cleanse the skin without stripping. An excellent tip for oily skin is to do a double cleanse with a pre-cleanse low lather foam cleanser that does not dry out the skin and incorporate a muslin cloth for gentle exfoliation nightly basis. This extra step will prevent new breakouts from forming and minimize new breakouts and give a balanced feel to the skin. Finally, incorporating a lightweight essence will further balance the sebaceous glands.