Visible Pores

Pores are tiny openings in the skin that release oils and sweat. They’re also connected to your hair follicles. If your pores appear more prominent, it may be because of: acne, increased sebum production, sun damage, non-comedogenic makeup. It may be time to switch up the skincare products you use regularly. There’s no way — and no reason — to close your pores thoroughly. But there are ways to make them appear less prominent on your skin. Some of them include using topical retinoids, exfoliate your skin, masking, and using gentle chemical peels. There are plenty of products and home remedies that claim to make your pores appear smaller.

The key to finding what works for you may depend on figuring out what causes your pores to look enlarged. Is it oily skin? Sweat? Environmental toxins? Skin that needs to be exfoliated? Maybe it’s just genetics! Some treatments will work better than others, so experiment a bit until you find what works for you.

Whatever is causing your pores to appear enlarged, remember that having pores and producing sweat are both perfectly natural and necessary for your body to function. They’re signs that your body is working the way that it’s supposed to. Whether your pores are hyper-visible or seem to be looking bigger than you’d like, they’re a part of your body and essential to your body’s largest organ — your skin.

*** Skin Secret ***

For you to have less visible pores, it all starts with the perfect cleanse. I recommend using oil, milk, or a balm to remove your sunscreen and makeup with a muslin cloth at night, then a gentle cleanser with a mild AHA to buff and refine the surface ( Le Mieux Brightening cleanser or IS Clinical Cleansing complex).